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Shaft size image measuring machine

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In the realm of panel devices, we are committed to offering advanced design solutions and processing techniques to ensure products exhibit outstanding performance and reliability. We pay attention to every detail in the production process and employ cutting-edge technologies to meet the high standards of our customers for panel equipment.

For semiconductor equipment, we focus on designing innovative solutions and efficient processing and manufacturing processes to produce precise and reliable machinery. Our team has extensive experience in equipment design and manufacturing, ensuring customers receive optimal semiconductor manufacturing solutions.

    Shaft size image measuring machine

    Introduction: The machine structure includes a precision rotating index plate, Z-axis moving device, chuck device and ejection pin mechanism. Combined with the Line scan imaging device, it can measure shaft workpieces.

    Application: Shaft dimensional tolerance measurement, tool measurement.


    CCD detector

    Introduction: The orthogonal robotic arm combines with the CCD image recognition system to identify the workpiece contour.

    Application: Workpiece contour identification.


    Keyboard test machine

    Introduction: Use a three-axis motion platform to carry an access control keyboard and use the Z axis to press the keyboard, and develop a human-machine operating interface to conduct automatic testing of the access control keyboard function, IO and communication functions.

    Application: keyboard testing.


    Memory card placement machine

    Introduction: Use PLC to integrate the three-axis displacement platform and the conveyor belt, and develop a human-machine operation interface for the user to do settings, to pick up and place the memory card, tray to tray or the conveyor belt to tray to complete the memory card assembly.

    Application: Pick-up placement and monolithic material application.


    Gantry type dry ice cleaning machine


    1. Using servo motors on XYZ axes.

    2. Integrate dry ice machine, dust collection, exhaust filtration system and various sensors.

    3. PC software operation interface.

    4. Hand wheel for position guiding

    5. The program automatically generates paths for cleaning

    Application: Dry ice cleaning of large workpieces, target cleaning and other applications.


    Hollow precision XY motion positioning platform


    1. Linear motor drive 2. Optical scale feedback

    3. Accuracy: ±3μm 4. Straightness: ±2μm

    5. The hollow workbench is suitable for AOI measurement.

    6. Use laser interferometer to calibrate and perform accuracy correction.

    Application: Inspection platform, robot arm calibration, AOI measurement.


    Air-floating linear motor motion platform

    Introduction: It has XY positioning movement, and its structure is H-shaped. XY moves on the same plane, which can reduce the height of the platform and reduce the Abbe error. The guide rail uses an air-floating guide rail composed of air-floating bearings made of ceramic porous material. Its air-floating It has better stability. The driving device and feedback device use linear motors and optical rulers. The motion structure of this platform has low friction, has the advantages of fast movement, high precision, and fast settling time.

    Application: Exposure airborne platform, image measurement platform.


    Nano-level high-precision positioning platform


    The motion mechanism of the nanometer-level high-precision positioning platform mainly integrates an air-floating linear motor platform and a piezoelectric compensation platform. The feedback system uses a multi-degree-of-freedom laser interferometer measurement system and uses the piezoelectric compensation platform to correct the movement of the linear motor positioning platform. geometric error, and the multi-degree-of-freedom dual-frequency laser interferometer positioning feedback measurement system has high resolution and fast response, so the positioning platform moves quickly and the positioning accuracy is high.

    Specifications Positioning platform:

    X, Y axis stroke: 200mm×200mm

    Drive System: Linear Brushless motor

    Maximum Speed: ​​150mm/s

    Feedback: Laser Interferometer

    Measuring Resolution: 0.154nm

    Positioning accuracy: 50nm/200mm

    Straightness error: 50nm/200mm

    Yaw angle error: <0.5arcsec/120mm


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