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High Precision Granite Gauges and Measuring Tools.

Reliable manufacturer of granite gauges and measuring tools which provide customers high quality products.


    1. The necessary inspection tool for detecting concentricity and straightness with round bar.

    2. Suitable for materials used in clamps.

    3. One set contains two V-blocks.

    4. A necessary jig for processing 45˚ angle.


    Granite master square 

    The granite square master is used to check the verticality between the Y axis and Z axis, the X axis and Z axis of the working machine, and the parallelism between the Y axis and the machine bed.

    1. For checking and calibrating the relative accuracy of the X, Y, Z axial on precision machine.

    2. Detect or calibrate the parallelism, straightness of working pieces.

    3. Axial correction and inspection of machine bed.


    Calibration cub

    1. Vacuum pumps.
    2. Compressors in air-conditioning units.
    3. Refrigerating units and compressors.
    4. Biotech workstations.
    5. Drones.
    6. Automotive applications.


    Parallel gauge

    1. The parallel gauge can be used to replace the pad block. With its own high precision, the user can raise the workpiece on the detection platform to detect the flatness and parallelism of the workpiece or machine tool table, guide rail and so on.

    2. Especially suitable for irregularly symmetric shaped workpieces.

    ※We can make customized products.


    Granite straight edge

    Straight edges are used for checking of straightness, parallels, and flatness of machine tools, measuring machines and work pieces. Straight edges are very useful for layout and positioning of work pieces on precision surface plates. 

    1. For measuring straightness and flatness.

    2. 2 surfaces or 4 surfaces with accuracy.


    Granite Tri-square Master

    1. For measuring various angles of parts, working machine, etc.

    2. The size above 250*160mm are with holes to reduce the weight and it’s easier for users to take it. 


    Granite Surface plates 

    Many laboratories and shops rely specifically on granite surface plates for precise measurement and inspection. They are extremely accurate and stable due to the black granite material, providing a reliable reference point for measurements. Every measurement depends on an accurate surface reference from which dimensions are taken, and granite plates offer the perfect base for gaging surfaces and making accurate height measurements.


    Granite Check Indicator Stand/Granite base with screw thread insert

    Granite Check Indicator Stand/Granite base in various size and accuricy .

    Screw thread insert size can be indicated.

    1. Measuring dimension along with gauge blocks, dial indicators, or electronic probes.

    2. We can manufacture general gauge blocks or L-shaped blocks according to customers’ requirement for measuring.


    Customized measuring tools

    1. For measuring objects in different shapes.

    2. For measuring non-ordinary verticality, parallelism or flatness.

    3. Customers can provide us the measurement points, and we design and produce special measuring tools for customers.


    Reed type Mechanical Comparator

    1. The working principle of Reed type Comparator is similar to dial indicator and dial indicator.

    2. Reed type Comparator is a type of indicator without mechanical friction amplification mechanism.

    3. The diameter of reed type comparator is larger than that of a normal dial indicator (the diameter of the dial is about 70mm), and it is easy to read the value.

    4. The minimum division value is 0.5μm.


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