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High Precision Granite Components and Machine Beds

Granite is a kind of volcanic deep rock and has a very dense and homogeneous structure with an extremely low coefficient of expansion, low thermal conductivity and high vibration damping. These properties are advantageous for mechanical engineering.

We have experienced engineers and workers in related industries. Not only can we manufacture high-quality granite machine beds, but we also have knowledge and experience in vibration control and assembly of different types of machines.

We manufacture granite bases and gantries, structural parts for automation equipment in photoelectric, semiconductor, panel industry, and machinery industry according to customers’ drawings.

    Granite vacuum table

    The professional machines can be fully supplied with granite vacuum tables with excellent flatness and accuracy, low coefficient of linear expansion and high wear resistance. 

    1. Granite machine table with micro holes and air flow channels.

    2. Flat clamping surface does not deform work pieces. Great for optics, soft materials, thin work, and panel manufacturing, processing and inspection.


    Granite machinery beds and components 

    Our lightweight and compact modular active vibration isolation systems counteract the vibrations that affect sensitive equipment. The streamlined design allows easy installation requiring no follow-up tuning. Developed by engineers, physicists and leading industry consultants with expertise in precision instruments, ISO-Mod-A is a revolutionary device that plays an essential role in reducing vibrations and disturbances.

    1. The Shore hardness of granite is 108, which is 3 times that of cast iron, and the wear resistance is 20 times that of cast iron. The compressive strength is 2290-3750 kg/cm2. It is resistant to abrasion, acid, alkali, and corrosion, and does not deform under heavy pressure.

    2. Granite’s coefficient of linear expansion is one-third of that of cast iron, and the thermal stability is 20 times that of cast iron. Its thermal deformation is very little.


    3. The damping coefficient (the ability to prevent and absorb vibration) of granite is 10 times larger than that of cast iron, and it is all solid, with good ability of shock absorption. From experiments, it has proved that the use of granite machine bed, gantry, machine bed and other machine tools can increase the surface accuracy of workpieces by 30%, and the tool durability can be improved by 37%.

    4. Unlike metallic materials, granite doesn’t have plastic deformation nor magnetic reaction. Granite has good rigidity and physical properties.

    5. Granite doesn’t rust. It’s easy to maintain and has longer service life. Stone processing has low energy consumption, no pollution. The material is derived from nature. It is eco-friendly and has high social benefits.

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