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Fabreeka® Active Isolation Systems Which Largely Reduce Settling Times

Fabreeka® systems revolutionize the standard in vibration isolation for precision instruments, taking it to new heights. Our primary objective is to establish ourselves as the global leader in the design and production of cutting-edge, high-tech vibration isolation systems and solutions for instruments, equipment, and processes that are highly sensitive to vibrations.

The decoupled architecture (patent pending) in every Fabreeka® active isolation system provides significant advantages compared to other systems available on the market. We supply standard systems as well as highly customized OEM solutions depending on the intended application.

In the realm of semiconductor machines, high-acceleration stages typically experience settling times ranging from 200 to 300 ms. However, with our integrated technology, these settling times can potentially be drastically reduced to an impressive 30-50 ms – a remarkable improvement by a factor of approximately ten.


    Fabreeka® active systems use linear motor technology as an active drive, thus lengthening the active actuator stroke com-pared to commonly used piezoelectric technology. As a result, ISO-Tabl-A platforms have active bandwidths starting at 0.5 Hz to reduce environmental vibration by 10 dB at frequencies as low as 1 Hz. Nano-E specifications can be reached at very low frequencies.

    1. Patented architecture (patent pending in some countries).
    2. Patented variable damping mechanism (patent pending in some countries).
    3. Active vibration isolation in all six degrees of freedom.
    4. No piezoelectric components – improved performance at low frequencies, longer lifetime.
    5. Fully decoupled architecture isolates vibrations from the floor, from machines or equipment such as moving stages, fans, or internal motors.

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    Our lightweight and compact modular active vibration isolation systems counteract the vibrations that affect sensitive equipment. The streamlined design allows easy installation requiring no follow-up tuning. Developed by engineers, physicists and leading industry consultants with expertise in precision instruments, ISO-Mod-A is a revolutionary device that plays an essential role in reducing vibrations and disturbances.

    Equipment can be placed on an unlimited number of isolators installed independently of one another. ISO-Mod-A has the capacity to support load capacities of massive machines and heavy tool systems.

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    ISO-Tabl-P and ISO-Mod-P

    ISO-Tabl-P and ISO-Mod-P lightweight space-saving vibration absorption systems counteract unwanted vibration loads on precision workstations.
    A.ISO-Tabl-P – tabletop vibration absorption system.
    B.ISO-Mod-P – modular vibration absorption system.
    Our systems use state-of-the-art technology to reduce the levels of vibration generated by pumps, compressors and similar.

    1. Vacuum pumps.
    2. Compressors in air-conditioning units.
    3. Refrigerating units and compressors.
    4. Biotech workstations.
    5. Drones.
    6. Automotive applications.

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    Our compact and lightweight modular vibration absorption systems significantly reduce unwanted vibrations that could otherwise pose major challenges at high-precision workstations.
    The ISO-Tabl-P and ISO-Mod-P models were developed by engineers, physicists and leading technical consultants with expertise in vibration technology and its effects on precision instruments to ensure that these models are indeed able to reach significant reductions in vibration levels.

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